Joining technology

The materials described in the Products section can be reliably joined and joined by a substance-to-substance bond to a wide variety of support materials using various techniques, all of them performed at our factory, and then machined as per drawing. An essential field of application is use as contact components in electrical engineering for low-, medium- and high-voltage applications..

Common support materials

  • electronic copper
  • CuCrZr
  • oxygen-free copper
  • brass, lead-free
  • Al bronze
  • mild steel
  • stainless steel
  • cast steel

Joining processes


  • Torch brazing as a standard brazing process
  • Furnace brazing under a reducing protective gas atmosphere
  • Vacuum brazing with active solder for special surfaces
  • Resistance brazing


  • Electron beam welding for welding depths of up to max. 25 mm
  • Magna flash welding (percussion or flash-butt welding for solid cylinders)


Sophisticated process for backcasting copper to tungsten copper.
Used to produce a copper layer that can be welded. Copper or steel supports cannot be welded directly to tungsten copper by an electron beam.